Squarespace is a website that allows you to build website easily, without the need of any prior knowledge of HTML/CSS.

"Squarespace is the all‑in‑one platform to build a beautiful website."

Squarspace offers many services, like domains for sale, their easy to use website builder, and they also offer experts to help you design your enterprise site.

This section will show you how to configure the settings for your Squarespace domain

Go to the domain you wish to verify


You can see your owned domains here

2.Advanced Settings

Go to advanced settings

3.Custom Records

Here is where you can assign subdomains, point/forward subdomains

4.Domain verification

To verify your domain, you will need to have this record in the dns management

Refer to the Google Search Console page to learn how to get to this step

5.Input this record

For your custom google site url

6.Add & save

Save and give it time to propogate